Best Mattresses in Huntsville!

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Best Mattresses in Huntsville!

Putting a Premium on Your Utmost Comfort

Your Ultimate Source for High-Quality Flippable Mattresses

Mattress Warehouse of Huntsville is dedicated to providing you with premium-quality designed mattresses at the lowest possible prices. Our mattresses are made to allow you a good, full night of rest—all while giving you peace of mind knowing you received your money’s worth.


What We Provide

Our company offers an extensive selection of reasonably priced mattresses guaranteed to improve your quality of sleep. 

Premium Inner Spring

A bedroom with a photo of metal springs in the lower right corner

We take pride in our Premium Inner Spring mattress collection, as it embodies durability. With its reversed offset coils that help reduce motion transfer, these mattresses prevent rolling together caused by indentations. In addition, its smaller coil diameters create larger surface coverage and increased coil counts.

Micro Coil

A bedroom with a photo of a micro coil in the lower right corner

Our Micro Coil mattresses use advanced sleep technology to improve your quality of sleep. This new collection utilizes individually encased springs and ultra-flexible encased wires to increase structural support while providing unparalleled comfort.

Memory Foam


Using the latest Visco foam technology, this highly supportive mattress provides reduced motion transfer and pressure relief to the shoulders, back, and hips. It contours to your body curves, supporting the lower back and allowing the spine to stay in a neutral position. All of our memory foam/cool gel beds are open celled technology to dissipate heat away from the sleeper.


Resistant To Wear and Tear

Our two-sided mattresses can be flipped for a more even distribution of body weight. Doing so makes them more durable against the effects of body impressions, thus ensuring longevity.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep Today

Make the most out of your purchase with our high-quality mattresses guaranteed to enhance your quality of sleep. Shop for a brand-new and affordable mattress in Huntsville, Alabama today.

**EXPRESS DELIVERY AVAILABLE-same day or next day to your door service.**